Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback Training for the treatment of PTSD

After the trauma, patients are in a state of permanent excitement. Alpha-Theta neurofeedback training aims to reduce its activation. Find out more here. Last update: May 25, 2023 Alpha-Theta neurofeedback training is an intervention with the potential to help a multitude of patients. Indeed, it is successfully used for the treatment of various clinical disorders, … Read more

Treatment of depression reduces cardiovascular risk

Patients who manage their depression through psychological therapy have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. This is the result of a large cohort study conducted in the UK. “Those whose symptoms of depression improved after therapy were 10% to 15% less likely to experience a cardiovascular event than those who did not,” the authors reported … Read more

Ozempic could be an accidental treatment for addiction: report

Health From Alex Mitchell May 23, 2023 | 1:26 PM Wonder drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy, which have recently exploded in popularity for their incredible weight-loss side effects, can also quiet the addictive nature of a person’s mind, experts say. Patients who have taken these type 2 diabetes treatments with semaglutide have confessed to controlling … Read more