Weight Loss Drugs Like Ozempic May Help Curb Addictive Behaviors, But Drug Makers Aren’t Running Trials To Find Out Cnn

Cnn Cheri Ferguson traded her vape pen for an Ozempic pen. One day seven weeks ago, I thought, are you doing something about your weight; leave your vape at home, Ferguson said. He hasn’t taken it back since, he says. Courtesy of Cheri Ferguson Cheri Ferguson says she noticed changes in her behavior after starting … Read more

Free Prescription Drugs Could Reduce Overall Healthcare Costs in Canada: Study

Overall health care costs could be reduced in Canada by providing free prescription drugs to patients, according to a new study. Led by a University of Toronto medical school researcher, the three-year study aimed to see how eliminating out-of-pocket costs for drugs would impact healthcare system spending, particularly for patients who reported delaying or not … Read more

Xylazine: rotting zombie drug kills first in Europe

The first UK death linked to the zombie drug xylazine raises concerns about the shifting origin of opioid supplies in Europe. A 43-year-old man in the UK has become Europe’s first known victim of xylazine, a rotting zombie drug, a powerful tranquilizer commonly used by vets on large animals that recently made its way onto … Read more

Move over, CBD: HHC is the new legal cannabis causing concern

After the CBD boom, authorities worry about HHC, which can be ingested, smoked or vaporized, with effects similar to those of cannabis. It could be the next big thing after the cannabidiol (CBD) wave and its controversies: HHC, also known as synthetic cannabis. HHC sellers advertise the euphoric sensations and the mental and physical relaxation … Read more

Experimental Weight Loss Drugs Aim to Surpass Stars Like Ozempic and Wegovy | Cnn

Cnn The new crop of drugs on the market for type 2 diabetes and obesity, including popular drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy, are more effective for weight loss than any previous drug, but doctors and researchers say there’s still room for improvement. Next-generation options now under development could be easier and more convenient to take, … Read more

Will Medicare cover it? Drugs like Aduhelm are challenging his standard

This article is adapted from the latest STAT report: Decoding Medicare: 10 Key Coverage Decisions and How They’re Made. mEdicares’ decision to suspend coverage for Biogens Aduhelm despite the Alzheimer’s drug approval by the Food and Drug Administrations has revived long-standing questions about how the federal program determines whether it will pay for new drugs … Read more

Medical group challenges FDA action to limit use of COVID-19 drugs

Case problem After the FDA issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for a COVID-19 drug but restricted its use to hospitalized patients, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) launched a legal challenge. Has it prevailed? Credit: renaschild – stock.adobe.com Case facts From March 28 to June 15, 2020, the FDA issued an EUA … Read more

From Ritalin to Modafinil: how to take study drugs safely

With deadlines mounting and exams looming, some college students will turn to stimulants like Ritalin and Modafinil to help them study, here’s how you can do it so sure Exam season is here, deadlines are looming and right now most students are wondering how they can get through the next few weeks let alone pass … Read more

Wegovy and Ozempic could be anti-addiction drugs as they cure drinking and drinking habits

Patients taking the successful weight-loss drug Wegovy are reporting an unusual added benefit that they are free from other addictions that used to rule their lives. Users across the country say their cravings for cigarettes and alcohol became less intense when they started taking the weight-loss shot. Others say that bad habits like nail biting, … Read more

The drug shortage in America reaches new heights

Illustration: Ada Amer/Axios Shortages of cancer drugs and other life-saving drugs are reaching their worst point in a decade, forcing doctors to develop alternative solutions and the Biden administration to mount a government-wide response. Because matter: Shortages are emerging deep-seated problems in the American drug supply chain, especially with regards to commonly used generic drugs. … Read more